HPC Metaverse Challenges

HPC solutions have had plenty of success. However, HPC still faces challenges that hinder its adoption on the Metaverse.
The challenges include the following:
  • Cost of running HPC - This continues to be a significant challenge. About 50% of participants note that HPC services and management costs are significant barriers to HPC adoption globally. The overall demand for HPC resources exceeds the supply, resulting in the loss of productivity for Meta and gaming.
  • Data Security - The HPC application on the cloud typically processes data transfers in large amounts, leading to potential data security breaches.
  • Performance - The performance of HPC services mainly on the cloud is not fast enough to meet daily demand. Network performance and node speed are a concern for many users.
  • Sustainability - Training of the AI models consumes a large amount of energy. When training a single model, about 284 metric tons of CO2 are produced, which is a vast quantity. As demand grows, so do CO2 emissions.