We will constantly innovate and utilise new technologies, and we will grow securely. This requires an end-to-end cyber risk strategy driven by our executive leadership team. Our strategy balances the requirements to be secure, vigilant, and resilient with strategic objectives. We implemented our NATO-compliant roadmap and governance model to support security priorities in an era where cyber is everywhere.

Vulnerability Monitoring Platform

Proven methodologies and military grade standards are included in our Vulnerability Monitoring Platform.
The Vulnerability Monitoring Platform automatically discovers the assets in the datacenter using a highly secured protocol which is not using IP or MAC addresses and compares their hardware and software components with 80 different data sources for real time vulnerability alerts.
Every network device in our Data Center (physical or virtual) will be managed by the Vulnerability Monitoring Platform and connected to our specially designed firewalls that don’t use Internet Protocol (IP) and are not registered to the network using a MAC address.

Physical Security

  • Soft Galaxy International has experts to help plan, design and deploy solutions that cover all domains of the data center which nowadays can become vulnerabilities for data breaches. Most of the experts come from a technical military background and now share their knowledge to keep customers data protected.
  • Protection is extended into parts of the data center that could be vulnerable such as building, power, and HVAC systems.
  • Secure the physical location.
  • Data Center video monitoring and sensors: CCTV system with heat detection (thermal cameras) and AI-based alerts developer by our internal engineering team
  • Security Officer: Gl. (r) Alexandru Galusca (Ducu) – Doctor in Cyber Security and retired general from the Romanian Air Forces is responsible for the entire strategy and implementation
  • Access control: biometric authentication and red cages for special projects
  • Human background checks
  • Backup and security procedures
  • Risk assessment