Growth Initiatives


Our dedicated and highly experienced marketing team is working to establish a trusted brand and cultivate a loyal community. To achieve this, we have strategically chosen a range of prominent social media channels, including Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, and Reddit. Our team diligently posts daily content and updates across these channels, ensuring continuous engagement with the community and providing timely project developments and answers to inquiries.

Moreover, we have partnered with influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who are actively promoting our project to their extensive community bases. To further expand our reach, Solidus Ai Tech will be participating in prominent cryptocurrency and blockchain events, accompanied by our team, to effectively promote our project. Additionally, we are collaborating with top-tier media outlets for public releases, ensuring widespread exposure and visibility within the industry.


Solidus plans to enter the web3 space through incubation with the industry's finest. This strategic decision offers invaluable benefits to Solidus, including access to top-tier mentorship, guidance, and resources. By being incubated by the best in the web3 space, Solidus gains a competitive edge, ensuring that it receives the necessary support and expertise to navigate the dynamic landscape, seize opportunities, and accelerate its growth. The incubation process will enable Solidus to tap into a network of industry leaders and leverage their knowledge and experience, positioning it for long-term success in the web3 ecosystem.


Solidus anticipates a highly advantageous launch through the partnership with renowned launchpads operated by industry leaders in the crypto space. This collaboration will provide numerous benefits, including access to a vast and engaged investor community, extensive marketing resources, and expert guidance throughout the launch process. By aligning with the best launchpads in the industry, Solidus will leverage their established reputation, credibility, and extensive network, ensuring maximum visibility, liquidity, and long-term success for the project. The launchpads collaborations will establish a strong foundation for Solidus, propelling it towards achieving its goals and positioning it as a prominent player in the future of the crypto ecosystem.

Burn Strategy

Solidus is committed to implementing a strategic burn mechanism that not only offers benefits and rewards to long-term participants but also contributes to the overall sustainability and growth of the platform.

As part of our strategy, an automated burn feature will be implemented on our platform. This feature will facilitate the partial burning of tokens utilized for accessing our services. By reducing the total circulating supply, our objective is to promote a favorable environment for long-term sustainability and foster continuous growth.

Through this carefully planned approach, Solidus aims to optimize the token economy, encouraging a healthy and prosperous ecosystem for our valued participants.

Ecosystem, Community Engagement, and User Acquisition

AITECH tokens will be reserved for ecosystem support. These funds will be used to support any of the existing and future developments aimed at the Solidus Ai Tech ecosystem growth. Funds will also be utilized to provide airdrops, bug bounties, referral rewards, early staking rewards, and so on.


  • We will have a number of different staking pools available after listing. Each pool will have different locking period and reward rate.

  • Staking is carried out via smart contract. While staked, AITECH tokens cannot be traded, sold, or used in any way.

  • Users can reclaim all staked tokens.

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