I. Introduction

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Introduction to AITECH

Solidus has built an eco-friendly High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre spanning 8,000 sqft in Europe. $AITECH is the world’s first deflationary AI infrastructure utility token, facilitating access to the Artificial Intelligence, GPU Marketplace & Launchpad.

GPU Marketplace: Access high-performance GPUs for any task, from smooth cloud gaming to complex AI projects. Rent exactly what you need, for as long as you need it, on the secure, user-friendly platform. No upfront costs, just powerful processing power at competitive rates.

AI Marketplace: Discover impactful AI Tools to automate day-to-day business and personal activities on the user-friendly marketplace. Categorized into 3 solutions: Foundational AI Models, AI Agents & Standalone AI Solutions.

AITECH Pad Launchpad: Gateway to seed, private & public rounds for premium early-stage projects with a strong focus on AI and infrastructure projects that will become potential clients of the services offered on the AI & GPU Marketplaces. $AITECH stakers gain tiered access, allowing them to participate in these high-potential project launches on the launchpad.

$AITECH token powers the Solidus AI Tech ecosystem, enabling seamless service procurement. Conventional payment methods are accepted, with fiat currency transactions seamlessly converted to $AITECH on the Blockchain. Following the unlimited burn mechanism, a percentage of AITECH tokens used for purchasing services will be systematically burnt out of the supply.

Dive to the Past

When Solidus launched in December 2017 as a Ethereum mining entity, the company had an intimation that Ethereum would very likely move from ‘proof of work’ to ‘proof of stake’ and would no longer be mineable largely due to the aforementioned pending updates and developments in the Ethereum roadmap. Furthermore, the EIP-1559 upgrade will eventually make Ethereum deflationary. The Solidus team knew that this scenario was probable, and pre-emptively opened up channels of communication with our joint venture partner's international clients, these include of Governmental Authorities and Corporations who would likely require AI & HPC services in the future.

When the data centre and AI & GPU marketplace is complete, Solidus Ai Tech will begin generating revenue from Governmental Authorities, Corporations, SMEs & Web3 & Blockchain companies. The long-term plan is to scale up by building additional data centres across the globe. All of our data centres will follow our unique protocol.

Solidus Ai Tech Revenue Streams

  • AITECH Pad - Launchpad

  • GPU Marketplace - High Performance Computing (HPC) Power

  • Artificial Intelligence Marketplace

  • Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS)

  • Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

AITECH Token Utilities

  • Participating in launches of projects on AITECH Pad - Launchpad.

  • Accessing services on our AI & GPU marketplace.

  • Reward the most popular AI applications in our marketplace.

  • Rewards for locking up tokens on our staking platform.

  • DAO governance, Voting power proportional to amount of tokens staked.

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