Solidus Ai Tech is introducing its BEP-20 token (AITECH) that allows Government Authorities, Corporations, SMEs, Professionals and Metaverse / Play2Earn projects requiring AI, Blockchain services or HPC power at lower costs through our IaaS platform if they choose to utilise our AITECH token to purchase services. Our mission is to build a solid community who will support us throughout our journey to success. Our community will be rewarded with the following:


We will have a number of different staking pools available after listing. The pools will have different locking periods and reward rates. After the lock up period the rewards can be widthrawn to purchase services on our Infrastructure-as-a-Service or alternatively the tokens can be held or sold on an exchange for liquidity.

DAO Governance

DAO members utilize the tokens through decentralized decision-making, enabling actions such as creating staking pools, transferring tokens between EVM chains, and rewarding stakers. The DAO fund empowers the community to make collective decisions.

Burn Program

As an integral component of our deflationary token economy, a percentage ranging from 5% to 10% of AITECH tokens utilized for acquiring services on the platform will be systematically burned. This meticulous process ensures the utmost transparency, as the precise number of tokens subjected to burning can be readily monitored through our comprehensive dashboard.

Lock up

In adherence to our strategic token management plan, the team and developers' token allocation will undergo a meticulous process. Initially, the tokens will be securely locked within a smart contract for a period of 12 months. Subsequently, an extended duration of 36 months will follow, during which a fractional proportion of the allocated tokens will be released on a monthly basis. This carefully structured approach ensures long-term commitment, stability, and prudent token distribution, in line with our commitment to responsible token management practices.

Global Network

Network Capacity
  • 10 Gbps full duplex with scalability to 200 Gbps
  • Always-on DDOS protection using AI for incident mitigations.
Data Time Travel
  • Ultra-low latency correction
  • Approximately 40 peering points across Europe
Cost Structure
Metered on Usage
Upfront hardware expense and maintenance
  • Pay-as-you-go/metered usage.
  • Enterprise and government on yearly subscriptions.
  • International capabilities using one of the world's largest privately-owned connectivity networks, with terabit connectivity across Europe
Our visionary approach involves the implementation of an innovative Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) software platform, establishing a global network of computer resources that seamlessly cater to the growing demand for high-performance AI software services. Through this cutting-edge platform, we actively encourage users to participate in the thriving Solidus ecosystem. Leveraging the advancements in blockchain technology, we harness the power of AITECH tokens, eliminating the need for a centralized payment system, to efficiently allocate computer resources. By integrating our newly introduced AITECH token, we revolutionize the processing capabilities of our state-of-the-art data center, empowering individuals to access and utilize a diverse range of services. The AITECH token serves as a fundamental medium of payment within our IaaS platform, while organizations seeking our services can still conveniently make purchases using traditional fiat currency, which will be seamlessly converted to AITECH tokens on the backend, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Soft Galaxy International has a pending patent for an AI-based system for the support and command of crisis-response actions. This software is currently being used by quick responder agencies in Europe such as the fire department, the police, and ambulance services to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic.
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