Government Enterprise Blockchain Solution

Using its full stack of enterprise tools, Solidus Ai Tech is building a blockchain operating system for the public sector. This government enterprise solution uses smart contracts, asset management solutions, identity management solutions, and process automation. The solution provides a private enterprise chain developed specifically for governments. It features the ability to assign different levels of access to authorized users, ensuring the independent validation of transactions and operations that establish full security and accountability while complying with relevant privacy standards.

Governmental complex computation-intensive data analysis tasks can include the following:

  • Asset Management

  • Smart Contracts for Health Care

  • Voting

  • Taxation

  • Supply Chain Traceability

  • Land Registration

  • Identity Management & Process Automation

The governmental enterprise blockchain solution enables citizens, residents and businesses to participate and manage their data, creating a secure system that will streamline government-citizen interactions while securing information against hacking and fraud.

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