DAO Governance

Decentralized Power: The Heart of DAO

Before diving into the specifics of the dao, it’s essential to understand the philosophy behind DAO. Instead of decisions being made in exclusive boardrooms, the community β€” comprising stakeholders β€” collectively guides the future. The ethos? Shared responsibilities, shared outcomes.


Stakers of $AITECH get voting power in our DAO, and can make a difference in the ecosystem with our governance voting system.

πŸͺ™ Staking Pool-Voting Power πŸ”Ή 30 Days β€” 1x Voting πŸ”Ή 90 Days β€” 1.3x Voting πŸ”Ή 180 Days β€” 1.5x Voting πŸ”Ή 365 Days β€” 2x Voting

Visit and join: vote.aitech.io

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