AITECH x CoinMarketCap: $50,000 Airdrop Campaign. Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction: Engaging in the AITECH Airdrop Event, in collaboration with CoinMarketCap, signifies your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions (T&Cs). By doing so, you enter into a binding contract with Solidus Ai Tech LLC and agree to adhere to the conditions stipulated herein, acknowledging the rights and obligations pertaining to the Airdrop. 2. Eligibility Criteria: 2.1. Ensure you have attained the legal age benchmark in your respective country to participate. 2.2. For the following nations, participation is strictly off-limits: USA, North Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Serbia, Albania, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Canada. 2.3. Solidus Ai Tech retains absolute discretion to authenticate the eligibility credentials of all Participants. 3. Terms of Participation: You are obligated to meticulously follow directives laid out on the CoinMarketCap platform. Non-adherence or partial compliance may result in your disqualification from the Airdrop. 4. Liability & Consequences: 4.1. Inhabitants of the aforementioned restricted countries who manage to circumvent restrictions and partake in the Airdrop bear full responsibility for potential regulatory repercussions. Solidus Ai Tech absolves itself from any consequences that these participants might encounter. 4.2. Such participants shall also bear any legal expenses that Solidus Ai Tech, might incur due to their contravention. 5. Information on AITECH Token: 5.1. The AITECH ($AITECH) token functions as a utility token. It's not fashioned for investment purposes. 5.2. Solidus Ai Tech refrains from making any claims concerning the future value trajectory of the AITECH token. Given that token values can be volatile, Solidus Ai Tech denies accountability for any potential financial implications for participants. 5.3. The AITECH token operates on the BNB Chain, with the designated contract address being "0x2d060ef4d6bf7f9e5edde373ab735513c0e4f944". 6. Solidus Ai Tech asserts its right to amend, pause, or conclude the Airdrop for any unforeseen reasons without prior intimation. 7. Privacy & Data Collection: Your involvement in the Airdrop grants Solidus Ai Tech the permission to gather and employ your personal data for Airdrop-related processes. 8. Miscellaneous: 8.1. Solidus Ai Tech official registration address is Beachmont Business Centre, 262, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines 8.2. Solidus Ai Tech retains the autonomy to revise these T&Cs sporadically without prior notice. 8.3. Disputes linked with the Airdrop will fall under the jurisdiction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines' legal system. By choosing to engage in the Solidus Ai Tech Airdrop Event, you assert your comprehensive understanding and concurrence with these Terms & Conditions.

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