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Pleased to share the latest developments in the construction and installation activities at the Solidus AITECH Eco-Friendly HPC Data Center in Bucharest. Our team is making steady progress across various segments of the project, ensuring that we meet our commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and security.

Here’s a detailed update on our progress:

The interior setup will initially consist of 30 cabinets boasts a diverse array of equipment, catering to a range of computing needs. Among them are blade servers and NVIDIA servers, delivering robust processing power and optimized performance for demanding tasks. Complementing these servers are network storage devices, ensuring ample storage capacity for data-intensive operations. The infrastructure is bolstered by high-speed network connectivity, facilitating seamless communication and data transfer across the system, ultimately optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Building Infrastructure:

  1. Ventilation: The replacement of side ventilation panels with dynamic walls and slide glass windows is currently in progress.

  2. Drainage: The installation of additional rain draining pipes is actively underway to enhance water management.

  3. Sealing: The process of sealing fire and utility doors with rubber to ensure safety and durability is ongoing.

  4. Maintenance: Continuous dust cleaning and quartz floor maintenance activities are being carried out to maintain a clean environment.

  5. Architectural Works: Office architectural works are being executed to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

  6. Landscaping: Exterior landscaping activities are being conducted to enhance the facility’s environmental integration.

Electric Network:

  1. MV Power Distribution: The installation of MV switchgear, MCC, protection relays, distribution transformer, active voltage conditioning, and network management (SCADA) systems is in progress.

  2. Backup Generator: The setup of a 3 phase 400 KVA backup generator and diesel generator electrification is currently underway.

  3. UPS: The installation of UPS , UPS batteries, and transfer switch is ongoing.

  4. Building Automation: The implementation of remote power panels and power measurement (KNX/EIB) systems is actively being carried out.

  5. Security Systems: The installation of the lighting system, security alarms, and smoke/fire detectors is in progress.

  6. LV Power Distribution: The setup of LV switchgear, MCC, intelligent PDUs, active filters, power factor correction (400KVA), and network analyzer is currently underway.

Data Network:

Network Infrastructure: The installation of network cables, switches and network plugs is actively being carried out.

Fire Protection System:

Water Management: The activation of a state-of-the-art fire protection system is currently in progress, inclusive of Water tank activation, Water Pit meters and pipe systems.

Ventilation System

Cooling and Ventilation: The installation of cooling and ventilation systems, including thermal agent distribution and water chillers, is underway.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the Solidus AITECH Data Center not only meets but exceeds industry standards for sustainability, efficiency, and security. Find the detailed components list being used in the process: Here

We look forward to sharing further updates as we continue to make progress towards the completion of this groundbreaking project.

Impact on the AI and HPC Industries

Solidus AITECH’s upcoming projects are set to revolutionize the AI and HPC landscapes by addressing key challenges such as accessibility, cost, and sustainability. The AI and GPU Marketplaces will empower developers and end-users alike, while the Eco-Friendly HPC Data Center will set a new standard for energy-efficient computing. Together, these projects will contribute to the global adoption of AI and reshape the future of high-performance computing.

A State-of-the-Art Data Centre Experience

Having a wide network of HPC power vendors means that the platform is well informed about the maintenance schedules of the participating servers, which will help us automate the backing up and pre-emptive activation of user backup on available servers when their main servers undergo maintenance.

Eco-Friendly HPC Data Centre: Sustainable Computing Power

Set to go live in July, the 8800 sq. ft. HPC Data Centre in Bucharest, Romania, represents Solidus AITECH’s commitment to providing high-quality, affordable HPC power. It is set to revolutionize the High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market landscapes in several impactful ways:

Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

The data centre’s design prioritizes energy efficiency, with a proprietary algorithm that reduces energy consumption by up to 40% compared to similar facilities. This significant reduction in power usage not only lowers operational costs but also aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, making it an attractive option for environmentally conscious clients.

Cost Reductions Passed to Consumers

The savings from the data center’s energy efficiency will be transferred to consumers, resulting in lower total costs for HPC services. This cost-effectiveness makes HPC resources more accessible to a broader range of users, from startups to large enterprises, and could stimulate further innovation and development within the AI industry.

Strategic European Location

Located in Bucharest, Romania, the data center benefits from low electricity costs and some of the fastest internet speeds in Europe. This strategic location ensures that the facility can offer cost-effective and efficient operations, which is particularly advantageous for European clients who have been reliant on American HPC providers.

Enhanced Security

Solidus AITECH is committed to providing high-security services, securing all user data and preventing unauthorized access. This commitment to security is crucial for clients who handle sensitive information and require assurance that their data is protected against cyber threats.

Support for AI and Web3 Services

The data center will house advanced computing infrastructure to offer services such as AI as a service, blockchain as a service, and other IaaS offerings. By providing these services, Solidus AITECH enables companies to leverage cutting-edge technologies without the need for significant capital investment in their own infrastructure.

Reduction of European Dependence on Non-European Technology

The presence of this HPC data center in Europe aims to reduce the continent’s reliance on American supercomputing facilities, thereby fostering European technological independence and innovation. This shift could have long-term strategic benefits for the European tech industry.

Support for a Range of Industries

The data center will support various computing applications, including CGI rendering, scientific calculations, machine learning, and more. This versatility ensures that clients from different sectors can utilize the services for a wide array of purposes, from industrial design to aeronautical research.

Tokenization and Funding

Solidus AITECH has introduced the AITECH token, which is intended to work seamlessly with the HPC platform, providing a novel way for investors to engage with and support the development of the facility. This approach to funding could pave the way for new investment models in the tech infrastructure space.

In conclusion, Solidus AITECH’s eco-friendly HPC data centre in Bucharest is set to transform the HPC and IaaS markets by offering energy-efficient, cost-effective, secure, and versatile computing services, while also promoting European technological autonomy and environmental responsibility

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