Software/AI Services Providers

The AI services/software providers will use the computing resources from the Solidus Ai Tech ecosystem to host their solutions following a simplified deployment process. Our IaaS platform will simplify and ease out the process of setting up, configuring, monitoring, or maintaining servers.
On top of the physical HPC infrastructure, customers can choose to install our proprietary software developed in-house by our R&D lab based on machine learning as well as deep learning, natural language processing and cognitive computing driving innovations in identifying images, personalizing marketing campaigns, genomics, and navigating self-driving cars to name a few.

AI Platform - IAAS Software + Microservices

When our AI infrastructure is live, Governmental Authorities, Corporations, SMEs and Professionals will be able to purchase a wide range of AI services.
The software and hardware in our data centre deliver the services through a customer self-service portal in which the customer will be able to select their resources and software add-ons. Through our platform, we will serve complex computation-intensive data analysis tasks that include the following:
  1. 1.
    Metaverse & Play2Earn
  2. 2.
    Self Driving Cars
  3. 3.
    Face & Voice Recognition
  4. 4.
    Health Care
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    Sales Automation & Lead Generation
  7. 7.
    Virtual Assistants
  8. 8.
    Traffic Congestion/Smart Cities
  9. 9.
    Border Control/Secure Societies
  10. 10.
    Agriculture - Greenhouse Automation
The distributed ledger format can be leveraged to support an array of government and public sector applications, including digital currency/ payments, land registration, identity management, supply chain traceability, healthcare, corporate registration, taxation, voting (elections and proxy) and legal entities management.