Artificial Intelligence Marketplace


The Solidus AITECH AI Marketplace serves as a comprehensive platform for users and developers to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. This whitepaper details the functionalities and advantages of the marketplace, emphasizing its user-centric design, streamlined deployment processes, and robust support system.


The Solidus AITECH AI Marketplace is designed to democratize access to AI technologies, providing a centralized hub for discovering, deploying, and managing AI solutions. This platform supports users of varying technical expertise, from novices to seasoned developers, enabling a broad spectrum of AI applications.

User-Centric AI Adoption

Diverse AI Product Offerings

The marketplace categorizes its AI solutions into three main types, ensuring a broad array of applications:

  1. Foundational AI Models: Open-source models such as Large Language Models and image generators.

  2. AI Agents: Subscription-based or pay-per-use intelligent assistants for automating various tasks.

  3. Standalone AI Solutions: Comprehensive applications addressing specific challenges.

Intuitive Search and Selection

The Solidus AITECH AI Marketplace features a robust search engine equipped with advanced filters, facilitating the discovery of suitable AI solutions. Detailed product descriptions, user reviews, and extensive usage guidelines are provided to assist users in making informed decisions.

Simplified Deployment and Management

Seamless Integration

Deploying AI solutions through the marketplace is straightforward. Users can subscribe to or purchase applications with minimal effort. The platform employs a credit point system (USDAI) to protect users from cryptocurrency volatility, ensuring transparent and stable transactions.

Comprehensive User Profile Management

Users have access to a detailed profile management system, where they can deposit credits, manage subscriptions, and organize their preferred solutions. This centralized control enhances the user experience and ensures efficient management of AI resources.

Commitment to User Support

Hassle-Free Refund Process

Solidus AITECH prioritizes user satisfaction by offering a straightforward refund process. Users can submit requests with supporting documentation for one-time purchases, which are promptly reviewed by the publisher or administrator.

Empowering AI Developers

Streamlined Solution Listing

For developers, the Solidus AITECH AI Marketplace provides an intuitive portal for listing AI solutions. Developers can easily apply, set pricing, and upload necessary documentation. The platform also aggregates user feedback, enabling continuous improvement of AI offerings.


The Solidus AITECH AI Marketplace is a transformative platform that bridges the gap between AI innovation and practical application. It empowers users to seamlessly integrate AI into their operations and provides developers with a global stage to showcase their solutions. By fostering a collaborative environment, Solidus AITECH is driving the future of AI accessibility and deployment.

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