Artificial Intelligence Marketplace

AI Marketplace: Democratization of AI

The AI Marketplace, scheduled for a MVP release in June, is designed to be a one-stop shop for AI needs, catering to developers, software creators, and end-users. Solidus AITECHโ€™s vision of democratizing AI is underpinned by the following strategies:

Easy and Affordable Access: By leveraging energy-efficient data centers, the marketplace will offer cost-effective AI solutions. Users will have multiple options to access AI models and plugins tailored to their specific requirements.

Monetization for Developers: Developers will have the opportunity to monetize their intellectual properties and efforts, with the added security of tokenization to protect their work.

Quality Assurance and Compliance: A rigorous vetting process will ensure the quality, relevance, and cybersecurity compliance of AI solutions, adhering to local and global data protection regulations.

Support and Growth: Solidus AITECH plans to partner with high-potential AI startups, providing them with a platform to grow and reach a wider audience rapidly.

How the AI Marketplace Will Be Structured

Solidus AITECHโ€™s AI Marketplace is innovatively structured to cater to the entire AI value chain, offering a tiered approach to products and solutions that serve AI model developers, application and software developers, and commercial users of AI applications and software. Hereโ€™s a breakdown of the offerings across the three tiers:

Tier 1: Open-Source AI Models

At the foundational level, Tier 1 provides open-source AI models, including Large Language Models (LLMs), Image Generation, and Video Generation models. This tier is particularly beneficial for AI developers seeking quick and cost-effective access to open source AI models, which can be challenging to deploy on private infrastructure. The models are accessible in two ways:

Renting GPU Power: Developers can rent affordable GPU power from the GPU Marketplace and deploy an open-source model according to their fine-tuning needs.

Pre-deployed AI Models: Alternatively, developers can access pre-deployed AI models through subscription-based or pay-as-you-go API access, integrating them into their development workflow.

Tier 2: Plug-ins and API-based AI Solutions

The second tier is designed for application and software developers who wish to enhance their solutions with AI capabilities. It includes:

Plug-ins: Easy-to-integrate plug-ins that infuse applications with AI functionality.

API-based Solutions: Developers can access a variety of AI solutions via APIs on a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis, streamlining the integration process and enabling the creation of intelligent applications.

Tier 3: Stand-alone AI Solutions

The top tier targets commercial users with stand-alone AI solutions developed to address specific industry pain points. These solutions are often created by users of Tier 2 offerings and include:

Individual Applications: Tailored applications that solve distinct challenges within a commercial context.

Application Suites: Collections of applications that address a common set of commercial requirements, available on a subscription basis or for a lifetime purchase.

All three tiers are synergistically powered by the GPU Marketplace, ensuring that users at every level can access the necessary GPU power at economical rates. This structure not only facilitates the development and deployment of AI solutions but also ensures that the marketplace can serve a diverse range of needs within the AI ecosystem

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