RoadMap 2023

The Roadmap of 2023 is divided into 2 sections:



DISCLAIMER: The information presented in our roadmap is based on estimations and should not be considered as an absolute release schedule, thus it should not be relied upon as such. The content provided in our whitepaper and roadmap serves solely informational purposes and should not be interpreted as financial guidance or an inducement to acquire our utility token, $AITECH, for any purpose other than interacting with the Solidus Ai Tech platform, which is available during the token sale period. $AITECH is designed exclusively for utilization within the Solidus Ai Tech ecosystem, and we do not provide any assurances or guarantees regarding its value, security, or suitability for any other objectives. We highly encourage you to perform thorough research and seek professional advice prior to making any investment decisions. By accessing our whitepaper, website, and roadmap, you acknowledge and agree to release us and our affiliates from any liability arising from the utilization of the information contained therein.

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